Episode 21 - Haven in the North

Trail angels Andrea and Jerry Dinsmore have been hosting hikers for years at their Washington home, which is known as Hiker Haven. Ratatouille visits Hiker Haven and talks to the Dinsmores about the challenges of being full-time trail angels and how the forest fires in Washington have affected the PCT this year. He also chats with thru-hiker David “El Flaco” Lowe, who, at the age of 58, has already hiked the Appalachian Trail three times. (released October 2015)

Episode 16 - Just Say Yes

From a rave in Belden to a church in Chester, Ratatouille hikes and hitches his way through northern California to the Oregon border-- and defends his camp from a bear. Really, it was a bear this time! Bluegrass in Belden. A mysterious shoe appears. Poop talk in Sierra City. A conversation with another hiker about being behind schedule on a thru-hike. (released August 2015)

Episode 14 - The Vortex

Welcome to The Hostel California in Bishop, where dozens of hikers rendezvous, congregate, linger, and have their willpower tested as they attempt to return to the trail. 20 hikers take a U-Haul to San Francisco to attend the Pride Celebration and get stopped by police along the way. Thunderstorms. Fireworks. How not to make a jello pool. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. (released August 2015)